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Why Us:    Simple there are no other contractors like us!



Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners have over ten years of dealing with commercial landscape contracts and 30 years of horticultural

experience Ground Maintenance contracts and estate maintenance contracts. During this time we have gained considerable experience in managing

maintaining and landscaping grounds.

The most important fact to grasp in relation to any Horticultural maintenance is that the planting within   a landscape never remains constant the quality

of the landscape is either improving or deteriorating but never never the same!

All plants have a life cycle and will need replacement at some point this may be in months, a year, a few years or hundreds of years therefore all

maintenance contracts must have a provision for replacement and improving the planting  as a whole because if the planting is not improving then it will

be deteriorating.


In our experience often landscaping is carried out by the developer to give maximum impact in the short term for the minimum amount of money.

At first the landscape looks great and then usually one of our competitors is employed to maintain the grounds or landscape possibly to a vague

specification and whilst the hard landscape is maintained to a good standard and basic pruning  and weeding are carried out little is done to the

soft landscape and planting. As plants die they are not replaced and if they are then it is done on an ad hoc basis where the new plantings have

little relationship to the overall landscape. The result of competitor maintenance over eight years is a huge bill for repairing the damage on an

average site (25 acres) sorting out the planting can cost up woods of £30,000.00.


Unique: Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners are unique within the grounds maintenance, commercial landscape

estate maintenance and landscape maintenance sector we offer a Proactive combined maintenance and landscaping program in that our

maintenance operations are all design based. Weather just pruning a shrub or replanting a bed the visual impact and the relationship between

the individual and the landscape must be considered.


Pro Active Maintenance: When we maintain your grounds, estate or garden we won’t be weighting for you to suggest changes we will be making the

suggestions to you as to what needs to change. As part of out maintenance program we will draw plans and provide you with visuals and fully

costed proposals for the change which are needed to keep your landscape improving. Typically this is done in stages after we commence works

we take a couple of months to asses the landscape area then we will advise as the best way forward and then after consultation we will draw up plans and visuals. After this we will make more suggestions as we become more familiar with the site and as the landscape changes.


As no two landscapes or grounds are the same it is difficult to say precisely what we would advise here it may be large scale replanting it may be

some additional planting to ‘finish’ beds or it may be small scale changing the pruning regime for the shrubs and perennials and replacing old plants.


Communication: We feel this is very important to us. As Landscaping, landscape maintenance grounds maintenance and estate maintenance are

all visually based and as we all know perception is down to the individual i.e. two people looking at the same piece of art or the same landscape

will differ in their perceptions. This can cause problems in landscape maintenance and grounds maintenance however if these problems are

brought to our notice then the vast majority can be dealt with very easley if possible we like to talk to our clients on a regular basis, as do most

of our competitors however the difference is we act !


Man Management: The are few sadder sights than some poor hapless individual left on site five days a week just pruning, mowing, sweeping,

weeding with no influence over the shape or direction of the landscape. It’s hardly surprising they do little work and try to avoid as much as possible! 

Ask yourself wouldn’t you be board just doing the same thing all the time.

We improve our productivity on site by:

We try to use more people on site for a shorter period of time.

Get all members of staff involved in making suggestions for landscape improvement

We give all staff clear goals

All staff are constantly monitored both to improve skills and make sure standards are maintained


Excuses:  Yes we have all herd them, my two favorite were “ conifers loose there needles every three years”   & “ like the small sapling and the

mighty oak  in the forest a wobbly fence  is a strong fence”  many of our competitors should become authors.


In truth there are good reasons for delaying undertaking works for example planting pruning and feeding of plants have to be undertaken only at

certain times of year, for health and safety reasons the correct tools and clothing must be available and the weather seems of always interfere

with the best laid plans. However we make every effort not to make excuses and get on with the job where ever possible.

We will take on all types of projects, whether it be a newly starting one, or one that requires a new face lift.  We will be able to advise you as to suitability for the proposed landscapes.

We believe our key strengths are:

  • Our expertise stems from 30 years of working in private gardens and an additional 16 years of working in
  • commercial developments.  We ensure that all our experience is available to you to ensure the successful
  • completion of your project.
  • Our friendly staff come from a variety of backgrounds.  They are all fully trained to a high standard to ensure
  • they are knowledgeable in all the service areas we provide.  Ongoing training is given throughout the year to e
  • nsure all staff are kept abreast of any new developments and are able to use new techniques in the work they
  • undertake.
  • We are among the most reliable service providers in the South East.  As a result our service is punctual and
  • dependable with the end result being never less than first class.
  • We operate 7 days a week, 360 days a year.  We realise that the external areas of some business areas are
  •  hard to maintain within normal office hours, due to vehicular movements.  Therefore we are able to schedule
  • works for the weekends, early mornings or late evenings to keep disruption to a minimum and to ensure
  • efficient use of our time.
  • We offer cost effective packages depending on your needs. Please see our services page for more details.
  • We cover a wide area and are often willing to travel distances.





So why Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners?

  • 100 per cent reliable
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer focused
  • Dedicated staff
  • Excellent reputation
  • Fantastic quality work
  • Free estimates
  • Fully confidential
  • Fully insured (public liability insurance)
  • Long established business
  • Monthly invoices
  • Punctual
  • Quality materials
  • Reliable
  • Specialist Landscapers

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