At Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners we believe it is the introduction of plant material into a garden which brings the whole composition to life. We specialize in all type of planting from a simple container to an entire estate including:


  • Bedding
  • Herbaceous Beds
  • Shrub Planting
  • Bulbs
  • Mixed Boarders
  • Ground Cover and Low Maintenance Plants
  • Woodland Wild Area and Damp Sites
  • Tubs & Containers
  • Mature/semi Mature shrubs
  • Mature/semi Mature Trees


As you walk into any garden the immediate impression one gets is of colour. This is true whether the garden is a medley of bright flowers with green or a single colour with green or even simply all green just different graduated shades of green some in shade and some in sun. It is the manor in which these elements are blended together which provide the atmosphere within a garden   exuberant     depressing   muddled     startling or   peaceful


With small gardens changing plants with the season can be very effective

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Summer bedding followed by winter bedding below



Colour changes with the seasons Winter is brown and green shot through with bright red and yellow all intensifying with the quality of the light. Spring is golden white and pale green with crocuses, daffodils, euphorbia pools of blue grape hyacinths and a medley of tulips against the young growth on herbaceous plants and trees bursting into leaf.  Summer starts with soft colours pinks and mauves with roses lavender and Penstemon, and then turns to hotter colours with bright reds oranges and the strong yellows of dahlias marigolds and the sunflower tribe. Autumn brings the glowing tints form the vermilion of maples through the softer reds and yellows of Japanese acres, sorbus and beech.


We can either design a planting scheme form scratch or revitalize an existing scheme. We have great experience of solving common planting problems including:

  • Garden Centre Purchases: Commonly where plants have all been purchased at the same time from the garden centre with the result they all flower at the same time and look good for a couple of months of the year and do little the rest of the year.
  • The Green garden: The plants whilst the look healthy have little colour and do not give a "wow" factor (often related to garden centre purchases above)
  • The Darwin garden: was once planted with a beautiful interesting range of plants but over the years and via survival of the fittest only a limited number of large specimens remain
  • The Builders Garden: Either plants of dubious origins or great pants but they look sick or very sad. Due to  little or no preparation work was carried out prior to planting
  • We use only the best quality nursery stock
  • UK suppliers wherever possible as this prevents the 'shock' of coming from a sunny Mediterranean hill side to rainy surrey
  • Used the same suppliers for many years so plants are always to specification.
  • Wide range of suppliers so we can supply and plant a vast range of specimens form a Saxifrage to a Sequoiadendron
  • Wide range of sizes from 1" to  over 50'



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