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Once we have designed and built your Landscape to the highest standards we will maintain it to those same high standards. Or if your site has already been landscaped we will maintain that to our own exacting standards.



We will maintain gardens and grounds of all shapes and sizes form 100 square foot to 273 acres.

  • Residential dwellings
  • Business Units
  • Private Estates
  • Industrial Units
  • Business Parks
  • Shops
  • Car Parks
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Estates
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Sports fields

We are able to offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. 




We offer three main services:


  • Level 1 - one maintenance visit a month to include a general tidy up (including litter picking), rubbish clearing, weed spray, pruning, removing dead shrubs and lawn care.  Prices range from 70 (including VAT) depending on the size of your grounds.



  • Level 2 - two maintenance visits a month to include the same as Level 1.  However, it also includes, cleaning hard surfaces, soil reconditioning, water feature cleaning, watering, treating damaged wood and topping up of bark, stone or any other similar material.  Prices start from 150 (including VAT) depending on the size of your grounds.



Level 3 - weekly maintenance visits to include the same as Level 1.  However, it also includes sculpture care, plant reshaping, irrigation care, lighting care, walling and full hedge management including minor tree surgery repairs.  Prices start from 225 (including VAT) depending on the size of your grounds.



Level 4 - a full one off garden rejuvenation service to include as above in level 3, aimed to get your grounds back to a manageable state.  Prices start from 200 (including VAT) depending on the size of the grounds.


We will be pleased to commence works one week after notice of acceptance of this tender, unless otherwise requested.

Please note these service prices do not include full soft landscaping, planting, design, construction, project management or major tree surgery.  All garden rubbish is taken off site free of charge.


 Whichever level of maintenance you decide to implement we will provide a detailed specification and quotation.

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For example a typical specification for a level three maintenance contract is shown below:


1.      The Site

The site is the area known as Landscaped area.  It includes all grassed areas, shrub borders, beds, pathways etc within the site area.


1.1    Use of Chemicals, Herbicides and Pesticides:

All chemical vegetation control works will be carried out in strict accordance with the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986, and any subsequent amendment thereof, and all current Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Legislation (CoSHH).  All chemicals will be at our discretion and sole risk.  All chemicals will be applied in strict accordance with current legislation and the manufacturers directions. 


1.2    Supervision and Reporting:

Operatives will be supervised by our management team.  All work carried out by our operatives will be in accordance with all Health and Safety Legislation including the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Work Regulations 1992 and all subsequent amendments.  Each task will be assessed independently for all potential hazards.  We will endeavour to reduce these hazards to a minimum by good practice.  The appropriate PPE will be provided by ourselves for those hazards which we are unable to eliminate.


1.3    Water:

It is assumed that sufficient water is available on site for all our requirements.  If there is not please notify us at the earliest opportunity.


1.4    Plant and Tools:

We will provide all necessary tools for the proper execution of the works.  We will also provide the appropriate PPE for all tools and plants used.


1.5    Shrubs, Plants, Fertilisers, Chemicals, Herbicides, Pesticides and Fungicides Imported Compost:

We will provide all plants, shrubs and sundry items at recommended retail price, or where possible at a discounted rate.


1.6    Insurance:

We will have in force Employer=s Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance of ,1,000,000.00 for any one incident.


1.7    Waste Disposal:

All grass arisings and non lignified plant tissue to be composted under controlled conditions on the site. If you do not want this an additional charge will be incurred for its removal.All other waste will be removed from the site and transported to the local authority waste transfer station.  Charges will be made based upon the weight, distance and time taken to dispose of each load.  The weight charge is levied by the local authority for all business waste.


The removal of waste arising other than out of the implementation of this contract is subject to an additional charge, based on Standard Labour rates plus weight, distance and time taken to dispose of the waste.  Costs will be agreed upon before work is undertaken.


1.8    Invoicing:

We shall invoice monthly in arrears.  All Invoices are payable immediately on receipt or by standing order.  We reserve the right to withdraw our services immediately in the event of non-payment of invoices in the excess of 30 days. Monies owing as a result of arrears in payment of invoices (after 30 days) will incur interest at the rate of 7.5 % per day. Please note if monies are not recovered within 2 months court proceedings will be issued. We will pass the costs of this onto you. Therefore it is strongly advisable not to pay late.


1.9    Site Visits:

Weekly visits March to December including


ONE visit per month January and February, unless requested otherwise.


If further visits are requested, which is not part of this contract, further costs will be incurred. Again these will be agreed upon in advance and will depend upon Labour costs, materials and other such things.


The term AAs Necessary@ only applies up to a maximum of each scheduled visit.


Site visits are of no minimum duration.

























1.10 Standard Labour Rates:

For any works which are additional to those specified in the document (i.e. planting, additional visits requested) our standard labour rates will be charged.  This is with the exception of tree works, which will be priced separately.  As of 1st January 2007 our standard labour rates are ,30.00 per man per hour, or part of an hour.  We will provide you with one month=s notice of any changes to these rates during the period of this contract. Please expect annual reviews of our charges.


1.11 Termination:

This contract is for a minimum of 12 months.  After this period either party may terminate this contract with 30 days written notice, without the payment of any compensation for loss or damage arising as a result of such termination. At this point it may be relevant to remind you that since we work 1 month in arrears payment will be necessary one month after termination has occurred.  Cancellation of this contract within the 12 month period is possible, but a termination fee will be implemented. It is no longer necessary that commencement of works will imply acceptance of the terms and conditions contained here within.


If you would prefer a new contract to be issued, this will be for another 12 months upon the end of the original contract. In such a case the re-issue of this contract will be made, with your signature being necessary, binding you to this agreement.       


1.12 Bad Weather:

All scheduled works are based upon the weather being suitable for their implementation. In the case of bad weather (judged by ourselves) implementation of works will be suspended until the next scheduled site visit.  No penalty will be incurred as a result of the bad weather. If the suspended works are not made up, there will be no charge.


1.13   Gritting of Car Park, Hard-Standing and External Pathways:

In addition to this contract we will, if required, supply and spread grit to these areas in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations.


Provided that we are informed of this requirement prior to winter starting this will incur a standby charge plus a charge each time gritting operations are carried out. If however we are not informed of this requirement, this will incur an emergency charge, plus a charge each time gritting operations are carried out. This is heftier than that of the standby charge. This takes into

account the fact that we may need to get the grit, since otherwise we may not have enough to cover the said areas.


1              Works:


2.1    General




Work Carried out



Clear and remove from site all litter from grassed areas, shrub beds, borders, pathways and roadways within the site area.

Each Visit


Sweep all hard-standing areas, pathways and roadways within the site area.

Each Visit


Apply chemical weed killers to all hard-standings, pathways, and roadways to control growth in late Spring. This will be done using manufacturer=s guidelines.



Spot treat and pray with systemic weed killer perennial and annual weeds as they appear. Persistent weeds removed by hand.



Report any fly tipping to the estate=s manager.

As necessary




1.2        Grassed Areas



Work Carried out



Box-cut with rotary/cylinder mower all grassed areas and remove arisings to compost heap

Each Visit


Trim edges to all grass areas around beds, trees, hard-standing areas, and building edges etc

Each Visit


Scarify, Aerate and Roll ALL grassed areas



Apply selective weed killers to all grassed areas, in accordance with manufacturer=s instructions.

Annually, usually April


Apply fertiliser granules to all grassed areas, in accordance with manufacturer=s instructions.



In periods of low rainfall during the growing season, water grassed areas sufficiently to allow water to fully penetrate the rooting zone.

As necessary Each Visit between April and October






1.3        Beds



Work Carried out



Apply selective weed killer to all beds, using manufacturer=s instructions.                                               



Hoe all beds and remove weeds by hand throughout the growing season, remove arisings to compost heap.

Each Visit


Fork over panned down areas

Each visit if necessary


Apply slow release fertilisers to all beds, using  

manufacturer=s instructions.

Six Monthly


Where appropriate Maintain a mulch of shredded bark to a minimum depth of 75 mm, topping up as necessary and sweep up mulch from pavings etc (initial spreading and supply of mulch at extra costs).

Monthly if necessary


In periods of low rainfall during the growing season, water the rooting area of the plants sufficiently to allow water to fully penetrate the rooting zone.

Each visit if necessary



1.4  Trees



Work Carried out



Check each stake, tie and guard where fitted, and adjust, refit or renew as necessary to ensure that no damage occurs to any tree and check that each stake is supporting its tree in the intended manner



Check that each tree is growing healthily and report any badly damaged, diseased or dead trees to the estate manager.



In periods of low rainfall during the growing season, water the rooting area of the trees sufficiently to allow water to fully penetrate the rooting zone.

Each visit if necessary





1.5        Shrubs



Work Carried out



Prune to maintain good bushy shape, remove any dead, diseased or damaged branches etc All pruning to be carried out in accordance with best horticultural practice. Remove prunings from site if lignified or to compost heap if not. Pruning carried out using sharp clean instruments to give a crisp sloping cut with one flat surface. Where appropriate pruning cuts are to be slightly above and sloping away from an outward facing bud. Branch removal is to be carried out by cutting flush with the adjourning stem in order that no part of the stem is damaged. Winter flowing shrubs to be pruned during March/April prior to the new growth. Spring flowering shrubs pruned when flowering has ceased. Autumn flowering shrubs to be pruned when flowering has ceased. Throughout the year pruning will be undertaken and all dead and broken growth removed. Out of season pruning to be carried out as required, to eliminate encroachment to pathways, roadways and parking areas.

Up to 4 times annually if necessary


Trim Hedges to keep good shape and healthy plants.



Check each stake and tie, and adjust, refit or renew as necessary to ensure that no damage occurs to any plant and check that each stake is supporting its shrub or climber in the intended manner. Wire climbers to supporters where provided.



Refirm plants that have been loosened by wind or frost

Each visit if necessary


Report any dead plants to the Estates manager

As necessary


1.6        Leaves



Work Carried out



Clear all dead leaves from beds, grassed areas, hard-standings and pathways etc.

Remove arisings to compost heap.

Each Visit while leaves are falling



We do hereby offer to execute and complete in accordance with the conditions of the contract and of the works described for the annual sum of:

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