Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners will create new lawns for either Grass seed or Turf


The choice will depend on a number of factors

Cost Turf being more expensive

How fast you wish your lawn to establish

What time of year are the works to be undertaken

How much maintenance you are prepared to commit to the lawn

What you are going to use the lawn for.


whether you choose seed or turf preparation of the site is vitally important. It takes an absolute   minimum of 4 weeks to prepare an area for turf or seed our basic specification is

  • TO cultivate ground to a minimum depth of 6",
  • Bring to level remove stones over 1.25 and dispose of   .
  • Apply fertilizer and work into top 2" of soil.
  • Leave ground to allow settlement to occur
  • re rake bring to level and firm at weekly intervals.
  • For Three weeks MINIMUM not maximum.
  • This assumes the top soil on site is of good quality and depth on some sites it may be necessary to bring new top soil to site.



If turf is to be laid we would then

  • Rake to bring soil to a good friable texture
  • Add fine top soil which is screened and has a high organic content if the soil on site is of low quality
  • Supply   Turf Containing Browntop Bent, Chewings Fescue,   creeping Red Fescue and Kentucky Blue Grass
  • When turf are delivered they will be stacked on site
  • Brought     from stack and lay turfs in stretcher bond.
  • As the turves are being laid the ground is leveled again any any stones removed
  • Firm turfs using wooden beater      



With seed after the raking and leveling the seed is spread evenly over the area

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