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           Health and Safety Management


Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners is committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for its members to work in. We achieve this by implementing the following key tenets and having an effective Health and Safety Management structure which is supported by all members of the company from the proprietor to the trainee.


Key Messages

 An effective health and safety policy contributes to the organisations performance by:

supporting human resource development;

minimising financial losses arising from avoidable unplanned events;  

Recognising that accidents; ill health and incidents result from failings in management control and are not necessarily the fault of individual workers;

Recognising that the development of a culture supportive of health and safety is necessary to achieve adequate control over risks;

Ensuring a systematic approach to the identification of risks and the allocation of resources to control them;

Supporting quality initiatives aimed at continuous improvement.


The structure of Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners H&S management complies with the nationally recognised organisation chart shown below:






Planning and











Each of the sections is interdependent and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Health and Safety Philosophy


A good safety record goes hand in hand with high productivity and quality standards.


We believe that an excellent landscaping company is by definition a safe landscaping company. Since we are committed to excellence, it follows that minimising risk to people, plant and products is inseparable from all other company objectives.


Prevention is not only better, but cheaper than cure. Safety is good business.


Health and Safety is a management responsibility of equal importance to production and quality.


Competence in managing health and safety is an essential part of professional management.


People are our most important asset. Effective management of health and safety leads to fewer accidents involving injury or time taken off work.


Effective control of health and safety is achieved through co-operative effort at all levels in the Trust. All accidents and ill health are preventable.




The importance of  employees to the company

Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners  will ensure the workplace is a safe working environment with staff  being provided with interesting and varied work recognising that job satisfaction and involvement can increase and improve health and well-being of the worker. The ultimate goal is to improve the health and safety performance, so that accidents and ill health are eliminated and the work forms part of a satisfying life to the benefit of both the individual and the company.


Avoiding loss-the total loss approach


 Injuries and ill health cost money but are only one component of financial loss. Accidental damage to property, plant, products or the environment can impose costs. The total loss approach concentrates on incidents or ‘near misses’ of which there are many more than actual accidents. Effective prevention and loss control focuses on the cause of incidents and ‘near misses’ because the outcomes may be random and uncontrollable. Examining the outcome of these events can provide valuable insight into the inadequacies in risk control, thus pointing to ward action which can prevent future injuries or losses.


Using the total loss approach will ensure the staff members  learn from both accidents and incidents.


Managements prime responsibility for the prevention of accidents and ill health


Accidents, ill health and incidents often arise from organisational failings. The Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners will ensure the structure in place and jobs and systems are designed to reduce or eliminate unwanted events.


Organisational Factors


Commitment from the proprietor of Stephen Charles Landscape and Contract Gardeners to the implementation of Health and safety initiatives helps strengthen the health and safety culture of the company. Communicating the health and safety commitment to the staff and appointing managers to tasks is an essential means of controlling the health and safety of the staff.


Systematic approach


Logic and rigour applied to planning and monitoring arrangements reduce risks. This systematic approach emphasises commitment to continuous improvement. Learning from experience is essential.




Key Messages

Organisations need to define the responsibilities and relationships which promote a positive health and safety culture, and secure the implementation and continued development of the health and safety policy. Structures and process are needed which:

Establish and maintain management control within an organisation;

Promote co-operation between individuals, safety representatives and groups so that health and safety becomes a collaborative effort;

Ensure the communication of necessary information throughout the organisation;

Secure the competence of staff.




Control starts with nominating a senior figure at the top of the organisation to co-ordinate and monitor policy implementation. Health and safety are the responsibility of the managers (task leaders) with specialists appointed to act as advisers. Individuals should be nominated for tasks with training given if necessary. A clear definition of what they are responsible for should be given which will include the preparation of the necessary documentation need to complete the task.




A safe environment can only be achieved by all co-operating and implementing the health and safety initiatives, this is achieved by encouraging support and consultation. A means of providing such support will be established.




Communication is the most difficult process to implement this includes information coming into the company, flowing around the company and going out from the company.


Information inputs


A process will be established to monitor sources of information such as legal, technical and health and safety developments& amendments






















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